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*Author's Note: my fan-character, "Rai", speaks 'Nekonese'.  If you wanna translation of what she said in the story below,  use Ctrl+F and type in the number you see next to the phrase and it'll take you to the translations at the bottom of the page and back again to where you left of.  Just make sure to put a period after the number you typed in.  If you don't see a number near the phrase, that means it'll be translated in English somewhere along the way.  Enjoy!
[# of translations: 14]

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
"Double Voltage"

Chapter Three

The dimly-lit arcade storage attic brightened up as Hard Drive's exit from the wall socket.  As the fizzling power reduced down to harmless static, he cackled staring at the front page headline of today's MegaKat Tribune.  " 'Hackers Strike At Corporate Heart, Thousands Stolen!" he read aloud proudly, " 'Staff Baffled!  Managers Silenced!  Enforcers Frustrated!' We're stealing money right under those fools' noses and Feral and his Enforcers can't do anything about it!"

Rai wasn't paying attention.  She was watching, and trying to understand, the Scardey Cat cartoon streaming on her laptop screen.  The cartoon gags made her giggle but the randomness and lack of storyline made her lose interests quickly.  "MegaKat TV is much different from NKTV.  Very strange."

Her ear flicked hearing their hidden safe door creaking open.  "The trade go okay, otou-chan?"

"The dirtbag almost didn't cough up the cash.  Called me some geek wearing a beat-up jacket," Hard Drive growled slamming the door shut, the dial instantly turning locking itself up, then he smirked, "Too bad the fool didn't know that this was no ordinary jacket." He chuckled fiendishly.

Rai rolled her eyes.  After weeks of successful file hacks and trading with rich, infamous, and sometime  scandalous Internet negotiators which ended with claws full of cash (or a one-sided beat down to get it), she saw her father fueling up with confidence, too much of it.  She learned not to get too cocky after an incident in Nekon almost got her caught by the Nekoantai Forces, "We may have a lotta cash on us right now, tou-chan, but if we're not careful, the Enforcers or even the SWAT Kats could catch us and all that we stole will be taken back from us."

"Yeah, yeah but we're living for today, kid.  We'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow," Hard Drive chuckled.  He walked over and patted his daughter's shoulders,  "Now talk to me, my little gold mine.  Anyone else looking to hire two high-tech pirates?"

Rai groaned, "But tou-chan, this'll be 16th job this month and I'm getting tired.  1.Nemui nemui nemui..."  

"Then maybe you should spend less time chugging caffeine and sugar and playing online video games with this JetAce guy," Hard Drive replied.  Greed was turning him into an impatient villain."'JetAce'.  For all we know, he's an Enforcer pilot tracking us."

Rai glared at him, "Hacking isn't that easy anymore, tou-chan and Enforcers would have to be really dumb to have a chat name like 'JetAce'. "

He sighed, "Alright, stop with the dagger look.  I promise, after one more job, we can lay low for a week or two."

Rai pouted but turned around to face her laptop.  She closed down the media window and accessed into her hacking program.  A personal profile of a male Prussian blue cat in a business suit popped up on screen.  "I've been doing some studying on this guy:  Emory Trotsky.  Has a wife, four kittens, and he's the C.E.O. of MegaKat Toy Industries.  He's unveiling new RC planes tomorrow that's supposed to be a big hit.  I hacked into his personal computer to see if he had any dirt on him."

"And?" Hard Drive crossed his arms watching the screen.

"I'm having trouble getting into this file," she pointed a computer folder that had a padlock over it, "Specifically this one.  A file he doesn't want ANYONE to see."

He grinned and rubbed his hands together, "There's the dirt.  Just start digging."

Rai shrugged, "That's the problem, tou-chan.  He's gotta sturdy firewall up; the kind that makes sure to keep professional hackers, like us, from hacking it.  Not only that, password entry has an access limit.  If I'm not able hack it after three tries, Trotsky might be alerted."

More money was near their grasp, ready to be added to their bank, and a password was the only thing stopping them.  "Well, get to work," commanded Hard Drive, "The faster we hack into this folder, the sooner we get to his money."

"Hai." Rai typed away, ready to get the job out the way and looking forward to another week of sleeping in, stuffing her face with imported 2.Sakana Kekki, and chugging more Kitty Kola while online gaming.  To her father's annoyance, Rai only stole from greedy kats and they were usual rich seedy businesskats with a dark secret that no one, but themselves, knew.  Finding sneaky rich kats weren't easy and finding their forbidden files were even harder.

A clanking, clattering sound made her jump in her mamasan and she looked back at where the sound had come from. "Stupid boxes," Hard Drive irately kicked at a metal white and brown-striped box, then picked it up observing it, "Where do you get these things from anyway?"

"Uh," Rai quickly turned away.  Hiding her guilt wasn't her strongest point but lied while trying to sound honest, "I sneak into the nearby 3.conbini close to here when I get hungry."  She looked back and he was still staring at her possibly trying to find a hole in her story.  But then, he just flung the metal box over his shoulder and it rolled over next to her chair.  "Don't make that a habit," Hard Drive grumbled, "And too much sugar can rot your teeth, you know."

Rai sighed in relief quietly and went back to work on cracking the file code.  It would usually take her less than an hour to hack through a firewall, no matter how strong it was, but it was proving to be a challenge for her.  "He does NOT want anyone in this file," Rai growled through gritted teeth, "I'll have to do this the easy way then."

She latched her PDA device into the USB slot.  Her laptop whirred loudly and she could feel heat coming out of the sides of it, "Just don't overheat and don't go red." Pressing enter, the password entry box came up and the spinning hour glass appeared over it.  She crossed her fingers; all she had to was wait for the device to automatically break through the firewall, then the password entry field would turn green and she could get in with her own password.

The wait was only 30 minutes but it felt like forever and Rai started to think she had to reboot her computer again until the entry field turned green.  She pumped a fist in the air, yelling ecstatically, "4.Yatta!"

Her victory shout abruptly awoken Hard Drive, sans his Surge Coat, and he rolled off his twin mattress and on the floor.  "Wh-wh-what?" He looked around frantically expecting Enforcers  surrounding him with their weapons drawn on him, "What's going on?!"

Rai grinned back at Hard Drive excitedly, "I got into the folder, tou-chan!"  He was already up by her side right after she typed in her personal password.  Only a single  file, '' appeared on screen in the folder.

"All that security for one stupid movie flick?" Hard Drive mumbled.

"Don't get upset yet, tou-chan," Rai waved a finger at him with a slick, kitty smile, "This could be recorded video of him meeting with someone for illegal trades or a security camera of him opening his safe.  We can either blackmail him or steal the money ourselves."  She right-clicked on the file starting the video.  

Nothing much happened in the beginning but as it continued, the contents of the video started to get too  horrid and repulsive.  Hard Drive had to turn away from the screen, dry-heaving.  Rai continued watching more curious than disturbed at what she was watching. "That's Trotsky's face," She replied, "But what are they doing to that rubber chicken?  And why is the ske-kat-"

Her vision was covered by her father's paw.  "Where's the jump drive?" Hard Drive asked quickly, not daring to look at the screen.  He stopped the video but it lagged, paused at the most awkward part of the video.

"Should be down there somewhere." Rai said, blinking behind Hard Drive's fingers.

He found the device, which was shaped like her beloved sakana kekki, plugged it into the second USB slot, and saved the video onto it all without looking at the screen.  He didn't move his paw away from Rai's face until he closed the laptop.  He nearly gagged again, "I'm never getting that image out my head.  And they call us criminals."

"Awww.  5.Shinpai shinade, tou-chan," Rai gently patted his cheek, "You'll feel better when you'll see a more green bills in front of you instead."  She waved the yellow, fish-shaped jump drive at him.

What they saw was vile, but in their hands it was pure gold.  Hard Drive smiled and ruffled Rai's green hair, "Good work, squirt.  Now let's go add more money to our bank."

"Can we wait a few moments before we do?" Rai whined wearily flicking her fingers, "Have to wait until my fingers straighten out first."


Colorful balloons floated up over the MegaKat Toy Industries rooftop.  A large, excited crowd stood in front wooden stage where Mayor Manx, Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs, and C.E.O. Emory Trotsky stood underneath bright, vivid banners.  Trotsky stood in front of a microphone podium, his voice amplified loud enough for everyone to hear, "And now, in honor of our Mayor Manx known for his brave family lineage, I now give you the new toys to commemorate the historical event that happened fifty years ago today."

Trotsky directed everyone's attention to the two giant wooden crates on the left by the stage.  Two big, burly kats with crowbars pried the front of the crates open.  Small blue and silver rectangular boxes displaying blue and white biplanes were stacked inside the right crate while similar scale and shaped red and gold boxes with red and yellow biplanes  inside the left.  

Trotsky grinned, mostly from eagerness than pride, seeing all the attending kats' delighted faces clenching fistfulls of dollar bills, "Ladies!  Gentlekats!   Kittens of all ages!  The Blue Manx and Red Lynx RC Planes are now up for sale!  Now if you'll all kindly stand in a single straight line."

But instead of that, the customers nearly shoved each other making a loud commotion trying to get closer to the crates screaming either "Blue Manx!" or "Red Lynx!" and waving up their money up high.  Mayor Manx got the first Blue Manx before the consumer insanity and was flying the toy version of his great-great grandfather's plane by remote control.  He laughed as he made the RC plane fly up around him and then take off into the air.

"Be careful, Mayor." Callie warned when the plane flew past her.  "Don't worry, Callie," he assured, "Controlling this is just as easy as driving a golf cart."  After completing his sentenced, he winced after the toy Blue Manx crashed into the poles holding up the banner and clattered on the stage.  One of the banners came lose from the collision and coiled around the mayor, startling him and he thrashed around which got him tangled even more.

Trotsky watched with dollar signs in his eyes as many RC Blue Manxes and Red Lynxes flew overhead.  Oscar Dibss, Trotsky's assistant, nervously watched the planes and felt uneasy.  He leaned over to Trotsky looking over a piece of paper and whispered, "This was a bad idea.  We should have listen to the recall letter." Trotsky grabbed the paper from Dibbs, crumpled it in ball, and snickered, "Recalls, schmecalls.  As long as it keeps these whiny brats and immature simpletons happy, it keeps filling my pockets with money."  

His buzzing cell phone in his other pocket nearly jump out of his shoes.  He nervously stared at the scattered crowd, expecting to see a brutish-looking kat or a shady kat in a long overcoat.  He slowly pulled out his cell phones with shaky fingers and pressed the respond button to read his text message: "Meet us in the production room.  No Enforcers.  Don't be late."

Callie had helped the Mayor out of his binds with the help of two toy company employees when she noticed Trotsky looking around fearfully. "Mr. Trotsky," she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, "Is everything alright?"

Trotsky yelped and started at her with wide eyes. "Oh Deputy Mayor.  I'm sorry.  You startled me," he took a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and wiped sweat from his forehead, "Is something wrong?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Callie said.  The heat was less intense today, not enough to cause extreme sweating unless he was wearing another shirt under his jacket.

"Uh...I'm fine!  Fine," He let out a short, timid chuckle.  "I haven't been feeling well, you see, and I overheat quickly.  That just means it's time to take my medication.  If you'll excuse me."  He politely nodded once and quickly headed off the stage sprinting to the company building.  

"That's odd.  He never did say he was sick." Dibbs said.

Something bothered Callie.  She couldn't put her finger on it but she figured there was probably something more going than a high fever, "You think he'll be alright?"

"I'll go check on him," Dibbs assured the deputy mayor and followed after his boss.

Trotsky was tense walking down the hallway slowly heading toward the toy production room, looking around and over his shoulders every second.  All the workers were off for the day and were enjoying today's outing with their families so it was unusually quiet inside the building.  

He flinched at every sound he saw and heard, water dripping, lights flickering, even his own footsteps suddenly amplified to the point where he through he was being followed. It sounded like he heard more than his own feet walking on thee tiled floor,  "Mr. Trotsky?"

He squeaked fearfully, whirling around catching a glimpse of a stunned Dibbs, and rolled backwards  through the double door of the toy production room.  The machines were still going; robotic arms putting together toy pieces, installing and soldering the wires and chips, painting, and packaging more of the defective Blue Manx and Red Lynx RC planes for future purchases.  Oscar ran over and helped Trotsky sit up, "Are you alright, sir?  You look a little pale."

"Right on time." A voice called out from all the noisy machines.

"We were wondering if you were gonna show or not," the second voice sounded younger, childish and playful,than the first.

Trotsky and Dibbs tried to pinpoint where the two voices were coming from.  "Wh-who said that?" Dibbs asked his boss.  Trotsky didn't respond.  He backed into the biggest machine in the room. Dibbs could see the front of his work shirt was soaked to the fur in sweat, "S-sir?"

The toy C.E.O. squeaked piercingly backing away frantically from something behind Dibbs.  The assistant spun around and saw two jacket-clad kats standing in front of them.

Dibbs' mouth dropped and he pointed at them stuttering, "I-i-it's those h-ha-hackers!"

"Glad to see you pay attention to your texts and e-mails unlike the other fools who thought they were junk mail," Hard Drive snickered, "Now let's cut to the chase.  Just give us your money and we'll leave you in peace."

"E-mails?" Dibbs stared at Trotsky, "They've been blackmailing you, sir?"

"Just keep quiet, Dibss," Trotsky mumbled and put on his best smile as he got to his feet, "Cash?  That's all you're after?  I-I'll give you all you want.  Just don't hurt me.  H-how much you want? Fifty percent?  Sixty?"

Rai held up eight fingers, "Eighty percent."

"Eighty?!" Trotsky felt like he was going to have a stroke.

"Hey, we could be mean and tell you to give us all your money," Rai shrugged, "But we're in a good mood.  Just give us the cash and we'll bolt." She snickered at the pun while her father just rolled his eyes.

Trotsky slowly got ahold of himself.  He frowned and stood up, not shaking anymore.  "N-no deal!" he blurted out suddenly, startling Rai, "You're not getting anything.  I worked too hard to get to where I am and I'm not going to let two static mongrels harass me out of my hard-earned pay!"

"Yeah, you tell them Mr. Trotsky!" Dibbs cheered him on.

Hard Drive clapped, smiling amusingly, "Nice speech."

"You coulda left out the 'mongrels'  part," Rai winced, "6.Namae no yobidashi ha fuyou desu."

Unknown to the four, Callie Briggs was quietly watching them from the window of the double doors.  She carefully scooted away leaning close to wall to stay hidden and listen to the dulled conversation from the other side.  She reached into her purse and pressing the button on her communicator.

Trotsky snarled, "Now get outta here before I have the Enforcers on your tails!"

Rai feigned fear, hiding behind Hard Drive.  "Oh no," she gasped exaggeratedly, "He's gonna call the Enforcers on us, tou-san!  7.Nige ru!"

Hard Drive, however, was not moved, "He wouldn't if he was smart." Electricity fizzled around his jacket.  Dibbs took cover behind Trotsky.  Trotsky stood firm and yelled, "You can torture me with your shock treatments all you want, but I still won't hand my money over to you!"

Rai leaned against her father.  The electricity spatting from his jacket didn't bother her.  "8. Sou ganko na.  The way he was shaking at first I thought this was gonna be easy." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the small, fish-shaped jump drive waving at it,  "Guess we'll have to use this, tou-san."

Trotsky and Dibbs stared at it, slightly confused. "Use that?  A toy fish?" Dibbs asked.  "I know it looks ridiculous but listen, Trotsky," Hard Drive replied, "This 'fish toy' is actually a jump drive and on this jump drive is a certain file you didn't want to anyone to see."

"The video you recorded on 'your special day'." Rai's evil grin was identical to her father's.

Trotsky buckled falling to her knees, overcome with shame and fright.  "How did you find that?  There's no way!" He shook violently, "I kept that file in a secure folder.  The firewall program said it was unbreakable."

"Hey, we're hackers." Rai nibbled on the USB plug, "Stuff like that is like a video game set on extra hard and we'll do anything to beat it.  Oi!"

Hard Drive snatched the jump drive from Rai and held it up Trotsky to see.  "We could leave, but then your wife might get an unknown e-mail titled 'Important e-mail: a video of your special day'.  She might mistaken as your wedding video or something and once she opens it."

"N-NO!" He jumped back on his feet again with arms stretched out, "She doesn't need to see that!  No one needs to see it!"

Hard Drive smiled and nodded, "Just give us ninety percent of your funds and we'll make it go away."

"Ninety?!" Trotsky gawked, "But you said eighty at first!"

"Consider the extra ten percent as hazard pay," Hard Drive shuddered, "For what you put us through after seeing that video."

Rai shuddered too, "Nasty nasty nasty!  Poor rubber chicken."

"Vi-video?  Rubber chicken?" Dibbs was thrown off again, "What is he-"

"Didn't I tell you to shut your trap?!" Trotsky roared frustratingly at his assistant.  Dibbs backed away slowly, blinking rapidly.  Trotsky stared at the floor.  The secret part of his life was in the hands of two computer hackers and one wrong move or word and they would display it to his wife, who would then babble to the whole world about it and his reputation would be ruined.  

He cowered under Hard Drive's shadow when he walked closer.  When he lifted his eyes, Hard Drive's finger, surrounded with high voltage, pointed at his nose and the fur around his muzzle stood up.  "We don't have all day," Hard Drive sneered, "You gonna tell us where you safe is?  Or do I have to fry it out of you?"

A shattering noise and small glass shards raining in the middle of the room made everyone look up and saw two kats, the first one big and burly and the second one fit and slender, wearing blue and red flight suits falling in through the broken skylight and landed behind Hard Drive.  "Not so fast, you techno crooks!"

"The SWAT Kats!" Dibbs yelled delightfully.  Hard Drive dropped the jump drive  and quickly grabbed Trotsky tightly around his neck with one arm and held his electrified hand next to the business kat's head.  "Stay back, SWAT Kats!  Or I'll fry this toy maker's brain to a crisp!" he threatened.

The SWAT Kats had their Glovatrixes drawn on Hard Drive.  "And if you let 'im go, I might not beat you to a pulp!"

Wild electric bolts flew by the SWAT Kats from behind.  Their reflexes kicked in and they rolled out of the way. "9.Watashi no tou-san kara hanare te taizai!" Rai shrieked firing her electrical powers from her finger tips.  Unfortunately, she had her eyes closed and was throwing bolts everywhere.  Dibbs hid underneath one of the machinery and yelped when his tail got singed by a stray lightning bolt, curling up in a ball.  One flicked right past Hard Drive's cheek.  "Watch where you're firin!" he shouted.  

Rai opened one eyee and saw the SWAT Kats gone and Hard Drive hiding behind one of the production machines with Trotsky still in his grasp. "Eh?" She picked up the jump drive and dropped it in her coat pocket,  "10.Karera hadokodesuka?"

To answer her question, someone from behind grabbed her in a bear hug.  She squirmed wildly to get free.  It got Hard Drive's attention and he started to fire a bolt at Razor until he saw something in the corner of his eye.  He flinched back and T-Bone landed where he had previously stood.  He forced Trotsky ahead of him through another door.

"Hey buddy, you got 'er?!" T-Bone asked Razor.

"Yeah!" The smaller SWAT Kat grunted trying to keep hold of the writhing juvenile kat, "Get Hard Drive!  Quick!"  T-Bone bolted through the door after Hard Drive and Trotsky.

"Kyaaa!  11.Iie!" Rai tried to rip away from Razor's hold, kicking her feet wildly, "12.Watshi no itte miyou!"

Razor held her up keeping her feet off the floor, "Not so tough without your old man around, are you?"

Rai snarled, looking away to make sure he didn't see her blushing, "13.Anataha kare ga modotte shutoku surutokini sumi ninarunoyodesu!"

"Not unless we clobber him first!" Razor replied.

Rai stopped squirming, blinking rapidly. "14.Anataha watashi wo rikai dekimasuka?"

"We installed translators so we can finally understand every word you say."   Razor replied.

Rai secretly smiled, "I'm impressed.  I guess there's no use in speaking in Nekonese anymore, but it changes nothing." She gave off a static charge strong enough to make Razor involuntarily flinch away from her.  Rai ran but the SWAT Kat managed to grab her coat tail before he fell to the floor and tightly gripped on it.  Rai stumbled back a little, quickly regained her balance, and slipped out of her jacket leaving it behind.  She looked like a normal young citizen wearing a dark gray graphic tee-shirt and blue strap pants.

Razor discarded her jacket and chased after her across the room.  Without her coat, he thought she was powerless like Hard Drive.  Rai ran for one of the production machines instead of the doors.  Jumping up, her feet clung onto the metal and she ran up to the top of it.

Razor skidded to a stop and gazed as Rai scaled the metal contraption, "What the?!"

Rai grinned childishly, "Electromagnetism.  Gotta love it." She waved a finger at Razor below,  "Just because I don't have my coat doesn't mean I'm powerless.  Catch me if you can, SWAT Kat."  She leaped to a high metal ceiling beam giggling.  Razor aimed high and shot his grappling hook around one of the beams.  

Down on the ground floor in the C.E.O.'s office, Trotsky was frantically twisting his safe dial half whimpering, half sobbing feeling heat and hearing electricity sizzling right next to his ear.  "Hurry up, you fool, before he gets here!" Hard Drive demanded.  

The safe door finally clicked opened after a few moments of fidgeting.   The electrified villain shoved Trotsky out of the way grabbing a money bag and filling it up with more cash.  

"You'll never get away with this!" Trotsky shouted, then yelped and jumped into a corner when something huge on the other side crashed into the locked door again and again, splintering the door bit by bit.  Hard Drive used his power from his Surge coat to create a sparking electromagnetic field around Trotsky's metal desk, "Watch me."

T-Bone broke in the room, the dismembered door falling on top of Trotsky, with his Glovatrix drawn, "Firing mini Turbobla-"  He found himself dropping to the floor before he could fire as the C.E.O.'s desk went flying over his head across the hall and crashing through the window into the meeting room.       

He did get his chance when Hard Drive jumped over him.  One whisked over Hard Drive's head, nicking a few hairs off from his mohawk, before lodging in the ceiling and the other three barely cut into his jacket sleeve and lodged into the wall.

He ran down the hall sneering.  "You'll have to do better than that, SWAT Kat, but you should be worrying about your partner," his voice echoed down the hall, "Rai's probably fried him to a crisp by now!"

Back in the production room, Rai was trying to do everything but fry the second SWAT Kat.  She walked along under the ceiling beam, hanging upside down, preventing Razor from catching her again as she fidgeted with her hacking controller.  Her eyes were focused on the buttons and small screen yet she managed to turn away when Razor reached down to grab her again and again.  

"C'mon you stupid thing!  Work faster!" Rai rapidly pressed on the directional pad and buttons.  Razor was trying to keep track of her while planning on creating magnetic climbing claws for the future.  Rai giggled. "Aww, am I making this too hard for you?  Maybe I should come to you."

Dibbs watched the SWAT Kat and juvenile villain running around overhead then directed his eyes down seeing Rai's coat on the floor and remembering she stuck the jump drive into the pocket.  He shuffled from underneath the machine and dashed toward it only to do a panic dance as he dodged electrical bolts from above.

"Don't play hero down there!" Rai glared at Dibbs watching him shuffle back under the machine, "I'm watching you too."

They hovered over the packaging area when heard faint whines of sirens from outside.  "There's no where to run, Rai," Razor said, "If we don't catch you, the Enforcers will."

Rai tugged down on her bottom eyelid sticking out her tongue.  "Who says I'm running and who says I'm gonna get caught?" She grinned.

Razor glanced down when he heard loud humming and saw dozens of the RC planes flying out of the unsealed crates, like an organized air force squadron leaving the base, and filled the whole room within seconds.  One zoomed by Razor's ear and the tiny propeller clipped his ear.  He yelped and ducked down, nearly falling off the beam.  He grabbed tightly to the edge to balance himself and glared at Rai.

"Oops," she smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of her head, "Meant to give you a heads up.  Sorry."

Hard Drive ducked down to avoid the swooping, spiraling buzzing toy planes when he entered the room.  "Rai!  We're outta here!"

"Alright, tou-sa-LOOK OUT!" Rai pointed past her father.  T-Bone had caught up and fired another round of mini Turboblades.  Hard Drive held up the money bag.  The first blade sliced into the bag and the second one ripped it open completely.  Rolls of cash cluttered to the floor and Hard Drive tried to pocket as much of it as he could while dodging more Turboblades and then a BOLA missile while firing electrical attack at T-Bone from his fingertips.

"Looks like it's time to go." She smiled childishly, fluttering her fingers as she waved, "Bye-bye Razor.  Hope to see you soon but not too soon."

Rai jumped from the metal beam and onto a passing crate being carried by a ceiling crane.  Razor wasn't too far behind landing on the opposite side of crate.  Instead of the crate carrying her over in her father's direction, it went the opposite way; toward the double door entrance.  Both kats kept their distances and again, Rai stood with her arms up, claws extended, electricity spiraling around her, but she made no move to attack.

Razor wondered if persuasion could get through to her. "Listen Rai, you've got no where to run.  Any minute now the Enforcers will come charging in and take Hard Drive down," he said solemnly, "Just make it easier on yourself and give up."

Rai frantically shook her head.  "No way!  You may have the upper hand on us right now but-eh?" Rai looked past Razor looking at the RC planes either slowly sputtering or instantly dropping to the floor.   T-Bone and Hard Drive quickly took cover from the  hailstorm of plastic planes, the toys breaking on impact and sending wires and other pieces flying.

Rai blinked rapidly, "Well that was odd.  Either the battery life sucks or something else is wrong with it."  She squeaked seeing a BOLA missile coming her way and rolled to the side, kneeling near the edge of the crate, "Oi oi oi!  That's cheating!" She whined.

Enforcer Commandos burst through the door and drew their assault rifles aiming them at Hard Drive.  "Give yourself up, Hard Drive!" Commander Feral shouted, "We've got you surrounded!" In aggravation and panic, the electrical crook flung a blind volt at the Enforcers while bolting the other way.  Enforcers dodged the lightning bolt and it struck the console to the ceiling crane.

The crate came to a sudden halt over the squadron.  Razor and Rai were jerked off balance and they grabbed onto the edge of the crate as it swung violently.  The metal claw groaned loudly.  The heavy weight from abrupt stop was giving it more than it could handle and started to lose grip.  Razor and Rai quickly clambered up and grabbed onto the swinging cord just as the crate started to lose grip.  The crate was swinging lopsided and the Enforcers quickly scattered to safety.  Commander Feral, unfortunately, slipped and tripped on Rai's coat and fell among all the broken toy pieces.  Lieutenant Felina Feral watched horrified as the crate wriggled lose over her uncle.

A bright powerful sparking beam from above suddenly hit the side of the crate causing it to tilt and Feral recoiled when it landed on its edge in front of his face. He got up quickly as the giant crate wobbled and ran out of its shadow as it fell, causing the ground shake and crushing the broken RC planes and the jump drive in Rai's coat into tinier pieces.

"What the heck caused that?" T-Bone asked searching the ceiling.  He saw Razor and Rai hanging from the crane cord and Rai had her arm extended toward the ground, her arm weakly fizzling with electricity. "She...she saved Feral." T-Bone gasped.

"Are you alright, sir?" One Enforcer Commando worriedly asked his superior.  Feral quickly dusted RC parts off his jacket, "I'm alright.  Forget about me.  Where's Hard Drive?" One look around and there was no sign of the jacket-clad electrical villain.  T-Bone could see an occupied electrical outlet  and hear it fizzling loudly.  "Blast it!" Feral snarled clenching his fists tightly, "He got away!"  

"Well he may have gotten away," Razor called from above, "But we got Rai up here." Rai glared at him, "Tattletale..."

"Find a way to get them down and have those cuffs ready," Feral commanded.

Rai slid down to the rope's end, holding on tightly, and swung her legs back and forth.  "Sorry to disappoint you, Feral-sama, but I don't plan to get caught now.  Or ever."

An officer found the crane controls and pulled on the lever and the cord started to lower Razor and Rai down.  The extending rope gave her more length as she swung, aiming for the window.  "No you don't!" The buzz-saw slid out of Razor's Glovatrix, the sharp, circular blade spinning rapidly, and he sawed through the rope below his feet.  Rai managed to get over the Enforcer squad before the rope snapped and rolled across the floor and into the supervisor's dark unlocked office.

T-Bone kicked away wires and electronic chips as the Enforcers Commandos crowd.  Razor jumped down landing in the cleared spot next to him.  "You two stay out of this," Commander Feral said to the SWAT Kats, "We'll take it from here." The Enforcer commander advanced toward the door, setting his gun to stun, and pushed the door wider with one hand.

Blinding fizzling light suddenly blared out of the ajar door and window startling a few Commandos.  It died down after a few seconds and the Commandos charged in the small room.  The desktop computer screen blinked crazily and was covered sparking with electricity on the supervisor's desk.  Someone flicked the light on and they searched around in the small room.  

Feral waited outside but he cringed when one of his officers called out, "No sign of 'er, sir!"

Seeing the coast was clear, Dibbs crawled out from his hiding spot dusting himself off.  He swept a clear path with his feet walking over to the SWAT Kats, "What happened to Mr. Trotsky?!"

"AUGH! I'm ruined!" Trotsky burst out from the other door.  He looked as if he had been in a violent car wreck, "Those crooks took all my money!!!  All of it!"

"Not quite." Razor tilted his head toward the money pile on the floor.  Trotsky did a double take then laughed like a high-keyed mad kat as he ran over to collect his 'hard-earned' money.  T-Bone mumbled, "Not even a 'thanks'?"

"SWAT Kats?" Callie walked from around the crate and up to them, kicking broken parts out of the way.

"Cal-uh...Miss Briggs, are you alright?" T-Bone offered his hand to help keep her steady.

"I'm fine, thanks," She looked around at the mess that covered the room floor, "What happened here?"

Too occupied with his money, Dibbs explained everything he saw to Commander Feral.  "Those crooks just barged in like they owned the place," fumed Dibbs, "And they even pulled a bluff saying that had a secret video on a jump drive that they-."

"THE JUMP DRIVE!" Trotsky screamed startling the lot who were in the room, "WHERE IS IT?!"

T-Bone thumbed at the crate, "Flatter than a salmon patty."  Trotsky sighed in relief flopping back on his money again. "This guy really loves his money..."

"But what was on the jump drive that had those two blackmail you?" Dibbs asked.  Trotsky stuttered.  "N-Nothing important!" He began shoving money into all of his pockets as quickly as he could, "Probably just schematics for new toys.  I do have rival companies willing to do anything to know my next best selling toys, like pay two devious hackers into scaring me into giving them up for example."

Dibbs was trying to boil all of it down but it still didn't make sense to him, "New toy?  You had recorded a video of the next toy?"

"Diiiiibbs." Trotsky growled through his teeth.

"He seemed more nervous over something more important other than toy schematics," Callie stared suspiciously at the C.E.O.

Before anymore questions could be raised, a frantic worker bursts in through the door.  He slipped on the scattered toy pieces and fell to the floor on his seat.  "Mr. Trotsky, sir!  We have a problem!  All the RC planes started dropping like flies outside!  And...well, sir," he stammered, "The customers aren't happy."

Trotsky could hear a chorus of angry voices coming from outside the double doors.

"These stupid RC planes are defective!"

"We want our money back, you thieving scoundrel!"

"My son was begging for months about this toy!  How am I going to explain this to him?!"

Trotsky switched from relief to panic again and with the Enforcers being here, he was in more trouble than when he was being blackmailed.  Razor picked up and closely examined the RC mechanics, "Looks like an outdated capacitor and faulty wiring was the cause.  Did you get a recall notice, Mr. Trotsky?"

"Re-Recall?" Trotsky was cornered.  He ran desperately back to his office letting out crazy yell.  When he jerked to turn around, the crumbled recall notice slide out of his pocket and bounced to Commander Feral's feet.  After straightening it out and reading the paper thoroughly, Feral motioned to Felina and two Commandos, "Get Trotsky back here.  We're not leaving until he returns all the money he owes to his customers."

"We'll just let ourselves out," Aiming for the broken skylight, the SWAT Kats shot their grappling hooks through the opening and waved to Callie before pulling themselves up to the ceiling.


"Another cruddy end to another cruddy day." Chance sulked to the desk chair and flopped back into it, "It's like since that kid appeared, Hard Drive is even more dangerous than he was before."

Jake steadied himself as he climbed down into the hanger.  He was holding onto the bars with his left hand while he held two brown mail packages under his right arm.  Jake replied, "Well, at least we see it's true that she's less violent than her dad.  She'd rather grab the money and run than stay and fight.  And she even saved Feral, which I still can't understand."

"Doesn't mean she's not dangerous.  And what scares me the most is you tellin' me that she can use voltage power without a Surge Coat!" Chance said, "Hard Drive could turn her in an unstoppable killing machine."

Jake set the packages on the table next to the desk, "Or we could talk her into putting her dad in jail."

Chance jerked up in the chair. "Talk?  You make it sound like it's going to be easy."

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed," he grinned, "The reason Rai freezes up and doesn't seems to want to hurt us is because she has a crush on the SWATKats."

Thinking about it, Chance saw it as a good thing but it was strange at the same time.  Rai wasn't Turmoil but he didn't want another female villainess to lure him into another trap.

"Am I interrupting?" A young female voice called from Chance's headset, "Chance-san, are you there?"

Chance slipped the headphones over his ears, "I'm here.  What's up, Kotaku?" He could hear her smiling on the other end.

"Did you see the news?  Two hackers tried to cheat a toy company's top boss, but then two heroes called the SWAT Kats stopped them," She said with excitement, "Do you know anything about these SWAT Kats, Chance-san?"

Chance tried not to sound prideful,  "Uhh, well, of course!  They're a couple of kats who watch over the city and they like to help out when the Enforcers can't handle the weekly bad guys, but rather do things by the book, the SWAT Kats like to take care of the scumbags their way."

'Kotaku' admiringly gasped from the other end. "Waaaa!  They sound so cool!" She exclaimed, "I wish I could've been there to see the action.  I bet they're both real handsome."

"Looks like we got another big fan." Chance smirked.  "Yeah, but don't get too happy and blow our cover," Jake whispered.

"Oh by the way, did you get my package yet?" She asked, "I remembered how much you liked jets and I saw these toys being sold today."

Chance and Jake looked at each other dreadfully, "Jets?  Toys?"  Chance ripped the brown paper off and, sure enough, there was one Blue Manx and one Red Lynx RC planes inside them.  

Kotaku continued, "Just released today!  Two jets modeled after the famous Blue Manx and Red Lynx dogfight in Megawar II , right?  Aren't they awesome?"

Chance's pride turned into disappointment.  "Yeah, great.  I'm not sure if you seen all of the news, Kotaku, but after the whole hacker incident, they found out that all the new toy planes from Trotsky's company are-"

"Defective?  Oh, I knew that way before the news said anything," Both kats gawked. "I have a habit of checking the inside of devices or toys before I turn them on.  My uncle had some spare parts in his basement and I used them to replaced the motor and fixed the wiring.  Check it out."

Chance took out his favorite, the Red Lynx, out of the box and set it on the table.  The small propeller spun once he flicked the switch on.  Both thumbs pushing the joysticks forward moved the plane across the table and it glided into the air.  "Wow!  It flies much faster than they said it would," Chance flew the toy plane higher circling it around the room, "Thanks Kotaku!"

She was smiling again, "You're welcome, Chance-san.  Glad to make a friend happy."  Then, in the background, he could hear clattering and clanking and muffled aggravated mumbling.  "Uh-oh, Dad's back and he sounds upset again.  I better go.  Have a good night, Chance-san and Jake-san, and have fun."  They heard a click from the earphones when she ended the call.

"Nice kid," Jake commented watching Chance fly his new toy, "Hope her father doesn't mind her talking to strangers over the Internet."

"Her dad sounds like a real jerk to me," Chance growled, "She says he's always on her case, on the job and at home."

"Some parents can be pushy to make their kids study and work harder.  WHOA!" The smaller kat ducked when the RC plane zoomed over his head nearly clipping his ear again.  "Watch it, Chance!" Jake growled.

Chance grinned playfully, "What are you gonna do about it?" He maneuvered the Red Lynx RC plane at him again.  Jake jerked to the left as the plane zoomed by his right arm. "Oh that's it," he opened the Blue Manx box and started the toy plane, "Prepare to have your wings clipped!"

The bigger cat clicked and pulled on the joystick controllers turning the plane around to chase after Jake's, "I hope you can fly better than you can shoot, sureshot."


"Rrrr!  Those BLASTED SWAT Kats!" Rai ducked another oncoming metal Sakana Kekki box.  Luckily it stopped short and rolled underneath her mamasan.  Hard Drive had calmed down hours after their attempted heist, but he blew his top when Ann Gora repeated tonight's top news of what happened at the toy company and was reminded of today's failure.

He paced around the room, growling and static fizzling around him.  He would either kick up a stash of newspapers or  boxes.  He did stop pacing for awhile, still seething, then he grabbed and threw an arcade machine to the floor.  "Always getting our way!  Those meddlesome fools!  We'd have more money to our bank if it wasn't for them," then he whirled around pointing at Rai, "And you!  What did you do?!  Stand there like a statue! You said you could take care of yourself!  I was sure SWAT Kats wouldn't be a problem for you!"

Rai peeped from under the colorful throw blankets, speaking meekly, "Th-there's a reason why I didn't attack this time, t-t-ou-chan."  She held up her hand summoning her electrical powers to spinning around her hand.  It faded on and off and the light was so weak and dim that Hard Drive had to walk up close to see what she was talking about.

"Unlike you wearing your Surge Coat, tou-chan, I don't have auto-rechargeable battery cells that can regenerate my electrical powers," Rai explained, "My electrical powers are natural.  If I use it too much, I run out of power.  I used most of it up when I freaked out and attacked the SWAT Kats when they dropped in.  To recharge, I can either absorb power from something that runs on electricity or take a two or three day break."

"So why not find a source to recharge from?" Hard Drive asked.

Rai shuddered, "Because recharging that way is painful to me.  I get that numbing feeling that makes me fall to the floor.  So that's why I chug caffeine and sugar and play online video games with this 'JetAce guy' all day."

He thought she was full of it but he was already irritated and felt a headache coming on.  Hard Drive held his hands up, "Alright, alright.  You win this time.  No more excuses after this though." He glared out the corner of his glowing eyes at her as he headed to bed.

Rai sunk into the cushion underneath her blankets feeling relieved to dodge another bullet.  Today had been a stressful one and she was realizing how tired she was.  She continued watching the news listening to the rest of Ann Gora's report, "And while failing to catch the two hackers, the Enforcers were able to catch another thief in the act.  C.E.O. Emory Trotsky is being charged for fraud, selling the new RC plane series with defective parts."

"Another one put away." Rai smiled happily.  

"I tried to warn Mr. Trotsky but he was more focused on how their profit than their quality." Dibbs answered Ann's question during the camera interview after everything had calmed down, "The supervisor, Ms. Belinda Murroe, is in charge until Mr. Trotsky comes back.  She looked a bit rattled after Mr. Trotsky was arrested and she really lost it when she went into her office and kept saying something was missing from her office.  It's been a nerve-wracking day for everyone."

Rai giggled impishly as she retreated under her blankets.  "She doesn't deserve you two," she said softly to two, three-inch SWAT Kats plushies.  Their plush and felt color and stitching detail were done to a T that they realistically looked like smaller, cute versions of the real-life heroes.  

She hid under the blankets in case her father walked by.  She would have to find a hiding spot for them until her new duplicate coat she ordered reached her secret P.O. Box.  She snugged them close protectively and sighed, "Why do the good guys have to be so cute?"

[SWATKats and all related characters are © Christian and Yvon Tremblay and Hanna-Barbara.  "Rai" is © to me.]

1. "Sleepy sleepy sleepy..."
2. "Sakana Kekki" is a brand name treat from Nekon.  Fish-shaped sponge caked filled with jelly or pudding flavors.  They come in many flavors like milk, chocolate, strawberry, grape, orange, mango, green tea, plum, and the list goes on and on.
3. Combini – Nekon slang for "convenience store"
4. "(I) did it!" -- commonly heard in Japanese dialog from English-speaking video games or anime.
5. "Don't worry. (Do not worry)"
6. "Name calling is unnecessary."
7. "Run away!"
8. "Stubborn."
9. "Stay away from my dad!"
10. "Where are they?"
11. -- one of many ways to say 'no' in Japanese
12. "Let go of me!"
13. "When my father comes back, he will fry you (like) coal!"
14. "You can understand me?"
Hard Drive and Rai blackmails a C.E.O., claiming they know about his little secret and demand a lot of money to keep their mouths shut about it. It's up to the SWAT Kats to save the day. And there's more to the story than a secret...

Funny note: I need to either buy Rosetta Stone or hire a translator (online translators aren't really that helpful). Before the phrase "Watshi no itte miyou!" (which means "Let go of me!"), I had put in the phrase to "Let me go!" (difference in wording) and in Japanese, it translated to "Take me!" XD For those of you who use translators, check, double check, and triple check and change your wordings if nothing's working out.
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