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*Author's Note: My fan-character, "Rai", speaks 'Nekonese'.  If you wanna translation of what she said in the story below,  use Ctrl+F and type in the number you see next to the phrase and it'll take you to the translations at the bottom of the page and back again to where you left of.  Just make sure to put a period after the number you typed in.  If you don't see a number near the phrase, that means it'll be translated in English somewhere along the way.  Enjoy!
[# of translations: 10]

SWATKats: The Radical Squadron
"Double Voltage"

Chapter Two

Jake Clawson relaxed on the old couch in the shop waiting room after finishing fixing a busted fuel line on a sedan that was brought in yesterday.  He wouldn't relax long listening to Ann Gora reporting the latest news,  "And Enforcers are still searching for hacker, Hard Drive, who managed to escape from his cell during a still unexplained guard turret malfunction."

"Oh great, just when I thought I could get a break." Jake headed in the back of the shop into the living quarters, "Hey Chance, you'll wanna hear this.  Chance?"

Chance Furlong was slumped over the desk, snoring loudly, drooling over the keyboard.  "Chance!" The bigger kat jolted up blinking sleepily and smacking his lips. "I'm awake!  What's all the fuss about?"

"Have you been playing games all night again?" Jake groaned. "If Burke and Murray would've walked in on you, it'd be both of our tails!"

"I can't help it, Jake," Chance leaned back in the desk chair and stretched, "Clawed 2 Death is addictive.  Even more addictive in online multi-player."

Jake smiled.  Chance was like a big kid when he wasn't working in the garage or flying in the Turbokat. "Any luck beating Todfield this time?" asked Jake.

"Yes!  Finally!" Chance pumped his fists in the air, "No thanks to Lyman, that's scuzzball.  He 'suddenly' had to leave the moment we met with 'im.  I was about to lose again but then this kid showed up and saved me.  I think her name was 'katoku_14' or something.  Turns out all we had to do was push him in the pit and we blasted him to bits."

"Well while you were pummeling zombie all night," Jake typed up the web address to MegaKat City Times page to show Chance the front page, "Hard Drive broke out of prison during a riot."

Chance read the article in disbelief, "How'd that slippery technoweasel escape from a prison with over a thousand cameras and Enforcers marchin' all over the place?"

"One other thing.  They said the guard turret went berserk," Jake added, "It fired around the place as if it had a mind of it's own, and someone broke in and stole over one-million-two-hundred-thousand dollars in gold from MegaKat Mint.  And all that happened before Hard Drive disappeared."

All that information could only make Chance come to one conclusion. "So someone helped that creep break out of jail?" He scratched his head, "Who do we know that would do that?"

Jake shrugged, "You got me, buddy, but they've gotta be pretty bold to get away with all that in one night."

"I don't see any use in worrying about it now," Chance leaned back in his chair propping his feet on the desk, "Besides Hard Drive and whoever break him out are gonna lay low until everything cools down.  Might as well let Feral handle it."

"This is Ann Gora, Kats Eyes News,  live on the scene at MegaKat Savings!" The two mechanics leaned in the doorway, looking at the live footage on the TV.  Local kats were frantically running in front of the camera as they chased flying green paper bills that spewed out wildly from the ATM while in the background the bank's automatic doors and security window shutters were rapidly and violently opening and closing and causing a loud racket.

Ann Gora ducked when an ATM sputtered out coins like a machine gun in her direction.  She stood back up again keeping her calm as best as she could as she continued, "Another mysterious technical malfunction is causing havoc in the bank.  Enforcers are en route as we speak to investigate."

"Looks like I spoke too soon," Chance groaned.

Enforcers were either trampled by frenzied citizens or pelted by the coin-spewing ATMs trying to calm the situation around the bank.  Greedy kats scrambled off the premises, cash spilling out of their pockets, shirts, and pants hearing Enforcer patrol cars sirens approaching.  

The Enforcer back-up sedans circled around the electronically-possessed bank.  Commander Feral stepped out of his vehicle while the officers prepared for the worse.  He stared at the security shutters and automatic doors ripping open then slamming closed clashing loudly and saw the power lines above the bank blazing fiercely with electrical static.  No doubt about it; it had to be Hard Drive's doing.

"This has been going on since we got here, Commander," an Enforcer officer reported, "Haven't seen anyone go in or come out since we cleared the area."

"What is that techno crook up to?" Feral thought.

Suddenly, it got quiet.  Both shattered doors and battered shutters opened slightly and the power lines stopped fizzling.  The Enforcers knelt down behind their vehicles, ready with their weapons.  Feral pulled out his trusty megaphone, his voice blaring through the broken glass and into the building, "This is Feral!  We know you're in there, Hard Drive!  Come out with your hands up!"

While the Enforcers were waiting for movement from inside, the Turbokat soared over the city heading toward the direction of the bank listening to everything on the Enforcer band. "Gee, he thinks it's gonna be that simple?" T-Bone snickered.

"He may not be able to convince Hard Drive to turn himself in, but there is something strange about all this," Razor said, "Doesn't seem his style to attract attention to himself."

"Maybe that coat of his finally fried his brain." T-Bone replied, "Either that or this is the work of his partner in crime."

"Commander Feral!" A voice frantically shouted on the radio, "We've had another robbery at the MegaKat Mint!  Someone got passed all our security systems and stole some gold bars!"

"What?! How can he-" It didn't take the baffled commander to figure out what was going on, "This was a distraction!" He ordered half of his men to get to the mint and the other half to search for the crook.

"It'll take hours for Feral to find that lightning bug," Razor activated his surge detector already picking up a power spike traveling through the shopping district, "Head northwest from here, T-Bone, and we'll be able to catch up with 'im."

As the ace vigilante pilot turned the jet around, T-Bone wondered, "I wonder what kinda creep would  wanna help Hard Drive?"

Inside an old abandoned business building on the sixth floor, Rai giggled keeping track of her fleeing father from traffic cameras on her laptop. "1.Subara shii shigoto, tou-chan!  The Enforcers don't know what to do with themselves." She laughed, "Oh wow!  One of their cars just zoomed by you!"

"I'm sure that security technical malfunction at the bank has even Feral mixed up. The first part of the plan went well, but it's not the Enforcers I'm worried about," Hard Drive responded, his voice echoing in her ear from the ear piece she wore, "It's those blasted SWATKats."

"Relax, tou-chan." Rai held her game controller device watching the small black screen in the middle of it.  She kept her eye on the yellow dot, Hard Drive's position, heading in one way while the blue dots, the Enforcers, were scattered in many different directions. "According to my digital map, you're in the clear," She replied confidently, "This should be smooth sailing."

Then a large red dot appeared on screen and she watched as it tailed her father's position, "Oops...maaaaybe I spoke too soon.  I got an unidentified aircraft about eight blocks away from you and it's closing in on you.  Are these the SWAT Kats you were talking about?"

"Has to be," Hard Drive cackled quietly to himself, "Those fools won't know what hit them."

Rai followed the red dot studying which area it was floating over, "It's gonna fly by my area, tou-chan."

"Good," he replied, "See if you can hack into their jet and get them off my tail, then we should be home free."

Rai stayed in the shadows hiding behind large concrete crumbles holding onto the her hacking controller as she watched the large and wide windows.  The shaking started to increase in the building as the Turbokat got closer and closer to her location.  The black jet zipped right by the windows but Rai was able to catch a glimpse of masked kats inside.

Her mouth dropped seeing brawny yellow-furred pilot and the skinny dark orange-furred gunner in their trademark red, black, and blue flight suits.  Seconds after they had flown by, Rai sat lost in a daze as if she were daydreaming.

She sat silent for a few seconds, the her hacking controller slid out of her hands, "Tho-those were...the SWATKats?"Her cheeks turned red, "2.Karera hatotemokukawaiidesu!"

Miles away from her, Hard Drive was zipping through power lines, throwing sparks.  He saw the black jet flying in behind him.  "Rai!  Were you able to hack into their controls?"

She responded with giggles and Nekonese rambling, which confused him for the minute. "Rai!!!"

"Eh?  Oh!" She picked up her hacking controller watching various numbers scrolled left and right as her wireless hacking chip honed into the Turbokat's systems, then all the numbers disappeared and a five-digit appeared on screen, "Yosh, successfully hacked!"

"These crooks never learn," Razor spotted the electrical energy surge zipping through the power lines below on his radar, "Does he really think he can get away so easily?"

T-Bone felt a numbing shiver go up his spine, "Something seems off, buddy.  This is too simple."

Razor searched through his weapons system until he found the right missile for the job, "We'll find out what's going on as soon as we catch him.  Wire-clipper missiles, deploy!" He pressed the launch button but the vigilante kats didn't feel, see, or hear the missiles ejecting from underneath the Turbokat.

"What the?" He tapped the launch button repeatedly and all he got was the error buzz, "My weapons system isn't responding!"

Before T-Bone could react, the control stick jerked out of his claws.  He tried pull it back but it stayed locked in place no matter how hard to tried to budge it.

"Disabled their weapon's system.  Flight system is locked and under my control," Rai's laptop pulled up the Turbokat's radar, showing her what the SWATKats were seeing, and moved her fingers and thumb over the four buttons and D-pad, "Now let's see what this jet can do."

Pressing one of the buttons activated the Turbokat's turbo speed sending the aircraft flying over the street at a maximum speed.  "What the heck is going on!?  It's like the Turbokat has a mind of her own!" T-Bone clenched tightly on the arms of his flight seat as the jet tilted on its side and flew vertically through the tight space between two buildings and then spiraled up a skyscraper, startling the workers inside.

Razor saw the weapon lists came up on screen, rapidly flipping from one missile to the other, and all the buttons were lighting up like crazy.  "T-Bone!  I think we're being hacked!" Razor replied before they were both jerked forward as the Turbokat flew backwards.

Rai giggled seeing the SWATKats' reactions on the small window in the upper left of the laptop screen and pressed a button to make the Turbokat fly upside-down as it continued in reverse. A small window on the lower right of the screen gave her every detail about the Turbokat, "This is a very nice jet.  Can reach speeds up to Mach five, variety of weapons, gadgets, and radars, other vehicles included," Rai read in awe, "Way more advanced than the Enforcers fighter jets."

Hard Drive replied, "Well I glad to hear you're enjoying yourself but we have to cut this short.  Destroy those meddling SWATKats!"

Rai's bangs shadowed her eyes as a wave of dread made her freeze.  "3.Sorerawo ha-hakai shite?" she stuttered.

"I don't care how, just get them out of the way for good," he ordered, "Then meet in the abandoned casino on Pantera Boulevard."

"4.Hai, su-suguni otou-san." Rai gulped.  She would rather avoid hurting anyone, unless necessary, but what was bothering her the most was her father commanded her to kill the most attractive kats she has ever seen.  Pulling the map back up on the small screen, she spotted a building farthest away from her position, "5.SWATKats...watashi wo yurushi tekudasai..."  

The Turbokat spun right side up again and spun around flying forward again.  "Thought all the blood was gonna rush in my brain," T-Bone groaned holding onto his helmet, "Razor, is there anyway you can stop this second hacker?"

"Already on it.  Working as fast as I can," Razor typed rapidly on his dashboard trying to break out of the hacker's control, "Any changes on your end?"

"Negative," Even using all his strength, the flight stick was still locked in place no how hard he tried to budge, "And you better work fast or we're gonna be toast!"

They were flying toward a tall business building and were getting closer by the minute.  All hope seemed lost for the SWATKats and the unfortunate kats inside the building watching in horror and panicking as they fighter jet got closer and closer.  

Razor, unable to do anything, braced himself, sinking in his chair.  Out of desperation, T-Bone pulled back the flight stick again trying to pull the jet up.  He closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, and then he fell back in his seat as the lever pulled back with loud clanking.  The Turbokat angled up at the last minute flying perpendicular of the building's side.

T-Bone straightened the jet to fly straight once again, "Whew, that was a close one buddy!  You stopped 'im just in time!"

"That wasn't me," Razor blinked watching as the buttons stopped blinking and his radar turned back to normal, "We seem to be back in control.  Now, let's those two before they get away with the gold."

T-Bone piloted the jet around back to the area where they were tracking Hard Drive, "Or before they get us both killed."

Razor was trying to pick up the electrical villain on his surge detector again until he noticed the abandoned MegaKat Bastet Casino below flashing bright lights before it stopped, "T-Bone, did you see that?"

T-Bone nodded, "Yeah, and I don't think they're planning to re-open that place anytime soon..."

Hard Drive cackled loudly, his eyes gleaming brighter from the glowing gold bars inside the specialized backpack.  "Twelve more gold bars, over two million, four hundred thousand dollars in our claws!  I can't believe it."

"Believe it, tou-chan.  So glad to see you so please," Rai feigned a smile, hiding her guilt believing she took two lives, "But we have to get back to the hideout first and get these things shipped to our buyers before we can relax."

"And how are we supposed to do that?" he asked.

Rai grinned childishly, "I know people who know people whoknowpeoplewhoknowpeoplewhoknowpeople...who KNOW people who can professionally smuggle stuff out of the country and they're one-hundred percent safe and discreet on mailing info.  And our pay will by instantly transferred to my-...uh...our online bank account."

The gold glow in his eyes turned into dollar signs.  "Excellent.  A successful heist, Enforcers can't make heads or tails of what's going on, and best of all, no more SWATKats! " he grinned at the teenager, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, Rai."

Rai smiled a little, "Anatatoo tou-san no shi-"  

"English." Hard Drive replied.

"Oh right," Rai nodded, "Glad to help you, tou-san."

Their small victory was abruptly cut short as the ceiling came crumbling down, kicking up dirt clouds that fogged up the whole room.  The SWATKats jumped down into the dark room trying to see past the thick dust.  "Alright, you techno freak!" T-Bone hollered, "We know you're here!  C'mon out!"

There was silence for a few seconds then they could hear electricity crackling and saw a bright glow  in front of them.  The SWATKats aimed their Glovatrixes at Hard Drive as he emerged from the thick clouds.  He stood relaxed, glaring at them as static electricity crackled around him.

He growled, "I thought you do-gooders would be splattered on the side of a skyscraper by now."

"Sorry to disappoint ya." Both of them were ready to fire their BOLA missiles but couldn't help but feel uncomfortable seeing the villain standing calm and relaxed in front of them.  "Fun's over, Hard Drive.  We're taking you in."

Hard Drive chuckled evilly, "Not this time, SWAT Kats.  I'm not working alone."  Sparks rained down from the ceiling zipping over their heads and striking on the floor, nearly singeing their ears and feet.  They both rolled back dodging the electrical shower until it stopped. A small kat leaped down from upper floor and landed next to Hard Drive.  

"What the?" The SWATKats stared at the second smaller kat who looked  like a young, female version of the electrical villain from punk hairstyle to the long coat sparking with static.

Hard Drive smirked, "I have a teammate of my own.  I would like you to meet my daughter from Nekon, Rai."

She waved, static bouncing around  her, smiling as she greeted herself in a cherry tone, "6.Douzoyoroshiku, SWATKats!"

The SWATKats looked at the she-kat, confused and stunned.  It was worse enough having to deal with one electrical crook, but now they had to deal with two of them and the other was only a kid.

"If it wasn't for her, I'd still be rotting in prison but now that she freed me, we've started our own 'family business', you could say.  I give her an A for that major security mishap at the bank and for helping me into hack into the mint," then he glared down at her, "But I'll have to give her an F seeing that you two are still alive.  I thought you hacked into their controls to make them crash!"

"So that was you hacking us!" Razor growled.

Rai shrugged, "7.Nanimo kojinteki.  Koreha, bijinesu desu."

"She still can't speak English, but she can understand it.  So she'll know what I say when I tell her," Hard Drive's coat sparked to life with electricity as he powered up, "Destroy the SWATKats!"

Rai showed a bit of dread briefly before posing the same way as her father, her eyes glowing blue as she summed up her power, "8.Hakai SWATKats!"

T-Bone and Razor quickly dodged a powerful combined bolt the charged-up duo shot at them.  They rolled and dodged, the bolts nearly hitting them leaving scorch marks on the dirty walls or the matted carpet, until they took cover behind knocked over roulette table.  Hard Drive cackled loudly while Rai stayed quiet making sure her shots only just missed the two kats.

T-Bone flinched and winced hearing the fizzling shots fly over and past their hiding spot.  "I don't believe this!" he growled, "He's gotta kid?!"

"And worst of all, she's following in his footsteps," Razor said wincing when a bolt zipped by his ear.

The zapping stopped and they could hear Hard Drive chuckling evilly, "Looks like they don't wanna play anymore, Rai."

Rai was relieved but feigned disappointment, "9.Aww, soreha zannen da.  Maa, kika setenoni iku too kin ni watashitachi no kin wo mawasu."

"You wanna play?  How about a game of Frisbee?" T-Bone sprung up and flung a roulette wheel at them. Rai screamed and both he and her father ducked out the way as it spun past them wildly.  The roulette wheel crashed through a rotting podium making it crumble and another part of ceiling collapsed, kicking another blinding dust cloud that covered the room and caught the attention of a flying Enforcer chopper overhead.

The SWATKats crawled from their hiding spot, creeping low.  "They couldn't have gotten away that quick...unless," Both of them looked at the pile of rubble that was stacked where Hard Drive and Rai were standing, then they saw the backpack with the stolen gold being pulled behind it.

"Hold it!" The SWATKats ran behind the rubble and aimed their Glovatrix at Rai.  She had one arm outstretched toward them, electrical bolts spiraling around it, and had the backpack strapped around her other arm letting it hang behind her.  

Rai stared frightfully at them while still  trying to look as threatening as possible. "10.Modotte sutei!" She screamed, "Watashi haanatawo kizutsu kenaiyounishitakunai!"

Both of the kats blinked but they kept their guard up.  "Any idea what she just said?" T-Bone asked his partner.

Razor was just as confused.  "You got me,  buddy," he replied, "Foreign language isn't really my department."

Suddenly, they felt their bodies tense up as they were electrocuted from behind.  Rai froze, eyes widen in horror seeing the intense the look of pain on their faces.  The SWATKats fell and she saw Hard Drive standing a couple of feet behind them with his arms stretched out and sparking.

"Been waiting to do that for months," Hard Drive snickered walking over the SWATKats as they groaned and standing next to Rai.  His ears perked up hearing chopping helicopter blades approaching, "Let's get outta here, Rai."

"Wait!" She grabbed his shoulder, stopping him from getting near the electrical socket on the east wall. "They've gotta surge detector in their jet, tou-san," She whispered, "They'll be able to find us if we travel through the power lines."

"What?!" Hard Drive growled with frustration.  The Enforcer choppers were getting closer and the SWATKats were able to move as the pain started to subsided.  "Tou-san..." Rai whimpered.

His mind was racing and time was running out.  "I'll think of something on the way!  Now let's go before the Enforcers show up!" He was engulfed with electricity, turning into a bolt himself, and zipped  into the electrical outlet.

Rai started to follow, then stopped staring at the SWATKats.  T-Bone was up on both knees and Razor was shaking the cobwebs out of his head.  Rai was standing against the wall when they looked up.

"Domo sumimasen." She softly said to them before she was covered in electricity and following her father through the electrical socket.

It left the SWATKats stumped.  "What was that all about?" Razor asked.

"I don't know.  I'm still wondering why she didn't shock us when she didn't have the chance," T-Bone said, "She just stood there."

"And while we're standing here, those two are getting away!" The SWATKats quickly climbed up the  rubble and leaped up through the hole they made in the ceiling.

As soon as they got the Turbokat started up, they heard another bulletin on the radio, "Commander Feral!  A car's just been hijacked by Hard Drive and his accomplice on Nermal Drive and they were seen speeding northeast!"

Blocks away, a blue sedan sped wildly down the city streets passing cars ahead of them and forcing other drivers to swerve out of the way.  

"They were right in front of you!" Hard Drive growled angrily at Rai, "Why didn't you fry them?"

Rai whimpered squirming in her seat trying to think of the best excuse. "I froze." She squeaked meekly.

"You froze?!" Hard Drive shouted.

"I've never did this before!  Usually, I just hack from my computer and I'm done.  Never had to be out on the field before." Rai screamed and ducked as they nearly avoided colliding into the back of a parked dump truck, swerving into the next lane violently pushing the car beside them and sending it spinning into the traffic behind them.

"Well you better get used to it or we're both goin' to end up behind bars!" They heard the oncoming sirens behind them and helicopters overhead.  Rai took out her hacking controller from under her jacket.

Commander Feral lead the choppers above while giving commands over the radio, "Make a road block ahead, men!  He's not getting away this time!"

Instead of responses from his Enforcers, he heard one of the SWAT Kats reply.  "Feral, listen!" T-Bone said, "Hard Drive's gotta kid in there and she's another hacker!"

"And she's gotta device that can take control of any vehicle within range," Razor finished for him.

"You two hotshots stay out of this," Feral commanded, "My Enforcers will handle-"

Before he could finish, he saw one of the Enforcers cars below swerve around wildly on the road and then crash into the other Enforcer sedan beside it, sending it crashing into the light post on the sidewalk.

"What the?!" Feral's mouth had dropped to the floor watching as they flew over the wrecked patrol cars, then he was suddenly jerked back in his seat cringing from a sharp twinge in his neck as his chopper veered hard to the right, flying in between two buildings and the chopper rotor scraped against the sides of the walls and getting wedged in between them.

T-Bone snickered a little, "Well, we warned him.  Looks like it's up to us to stop these two." He grabbed a lever sending the Turbokat soaring faster after the speeding vehicle.

Rai saw the road block up ahead and pointed at it with wide, scared eyes, "Tou-chan, we've gotta problem."

Hard Drive growled not easing up on the gas, "Use your controller to move them out of the way!"

"I can't!  They're too bunched up together!" Rai curled u p as the vehicle gained speed getting closer to the road block.  She peeked through her fingers looking at her father, then saw a transit train speeding by in the opposite direction behind the buildings.

"What the?!  What are you doing?!" Hard Drive was shoved back in his seat when Rai took the wheel.  The wheels squealed as she turned the car swerved in a one-eighty and roared down an empty, scattering trash cans everywhere. "I gotta better idea, tou-chan," she replied, "and hopefully we can get away without anyone else getting hurt."

"Holy kats!" T-Bone watched from his radar as the hijacked car crashed through the wooden fence and sped down the subway track, "They're gonna end up smashing themselves to bits!"

The car disappeared down into an underground tunnel.  Razor used the X-Ray Scope, lowering it from under the Turbokat, "We better hope we catch up to them before the afternoon subway does."

Another subway train was traveling down tracks above ground a few blocks away nearing Cougar Square Station.  The motorman gasped and gawked seeing a parked car on the tracks ahead.  He pulled on the break lever causing the passengers in the train to cling onto the nearest pole or seat as they were nearly flung to the floor as the metal wheels screeched loudly ascraping against the rails and throwing sparks.

Though slowing to a stop, it was still going fast enough to crash into the sedan no matter how hard the motorman pulled back on the lever.  A large, metal cross claw extended down, the powerful magnet latching onto the top of the car, and lifting it up off the track, the tires tapping the top of the train.  

T-Bone guided the Turbokat over the tracks carrying the vehicle with their magnet claw away from the tracks and lowered down on the road right in center of circled Enforcer cars.  Again, officers had their weapons drawn at it in case the two crooks tried anything else.  

Lieutenant Felina Feral stepped out of one patrol cars.  With her uncle hung up at the moment, she was temporarlily in charge.  She approached the car cautiously with her laser pistol drawn and aimed, "Alright Hard Drive, you and your partner come out with your hands up!"

There was no response.  She figured they were hiding in the back seat or trying to sneak out through the trunk.  She crept down low as she got close to the vehicle and gripped the car door handle.  She tensed herself up for a fight gripping her gun and the door handle tightly.  She quickly lifted the door up with one hand, the doors opening upwards, and aimed her gun in the car within half a second, but there were no crooks or bag in the car.

T-Bone growled hearing her report the situation to her uncle, "They got away?!?! But how?!  No way they managed to get out the car in that small tunnel!"

Razor thought for a moment and came to a conclusion. "Or maybe they escaped through the rails!  They must've drove the car here to throw us off while they zipped through the electrical rails."

"I bet those two haven't gotten far," T-Bone replied looking back at Razor, "Pull up your surge detector and see if you can find 'em!"

"No can do, buddy," Razor stared at his radar which was flashing on and off rapidly as it went haywire, "Hovering over the rails is making the radar go berserk.  By the time it straightens out-."

"They'll be long gone." T-Bone slammed his fist on the console, "It's like with that kid around, he's gotten more slicker."

"Well they'll both slip up sometime," Razor said as T-Bone flew the jet over the city, "They can't outrun us forever."


"I guess we're both having a lousy day." Chance leaned back in his chair listening to katoku_14 whimpering in his headset.

She sobbed softly, "It's not my fault the computer decided to randomly erase all the data.  I managed to get everything straightened out, but dad still chewed me out."

If there was one thing he couldn't stand was to hear a girl cry. "Your dad was just upset," Chance replied gently, "I'm sure he didn't mean anything."

Jake walked into the room, setting a can of milk on the desk before opening his own can, "Hey buddy, playing games to cheer you up?"

He jumped and Chance cringed when Katoku squealed excitedly, "Whose that, Chance?!"

Chance waited a second for his ears to stop ringing before answering, "That's my buddy, Jake.  He works with me in the auto shop."

"And he sounds just as cute as you!" She giggled.  Chance glared at Jake. "Well, she cheered up." The smaller kat shrugged.

"Aww, don't feel bad Chance-san.  Despite my awful day, I found something that might cheer you up as well." After accepting a scanned file transfer and waiting only half a second for it to download, a familiar game start screen that sent chills down Chance's back. "Sky Clawz?!" He exclaimed, "I thought it would take years for them to translate everything."

He could hear the young she-kat smiling from the other end, "It's been translated.  It's just rare to find to find the software.  I was lucky enough to find and download two copies, one for you and one for me.  You're welcome."

"Oh great," Jake smacked his forehead lightly, "Now I'll never get 'im off the computer."

"Awww,"  Katoku sounded guilty, "Domo sumimasen, Jake-san."

Both kats froze and went silent.  They heard that phrase before.

"Hello?  Chance-san? Jake-san?  Are either of you still there?" Kotoku sounded like she was about to panic on the other end, "I'm taking Nekonese classes at Megakat University and thought I practice it."

"Oh, I see," Chance tried sound as innocent as possible.  He scratched his head, "But what does it mean?"

The young she-kat calmed down, "'Sumimasen' means 'I'm sorry'.  With 'domo' in it, it's more of a polite way to say.  I use it when I felt sorry for someone.  Sorry if I freaked you out.  "

Chance and Jake looked at each other confused.  Chance muted the call before talking to Jake, "Bad guys don't apologize and they definitely don't feel sorry for anyone."

"Well, maybe she's not all bad," Jake replied, "Either it's her father's influence or she's being forced to work with him."

"Chance-san, you still there?"  Kotaku asked worriedly, "Do you still wanna play Sky Clawz?  I can help you set up an account."

Chance unmuted the call turning back toward the computer screen, "Sure thing!"

As Chance prepared to play the game with the online she-kat and Jake sitting behind him at another desk looking over order forms for more car parts, they begin to think, as T-Bone and Razor, that they were dealing with a villain much more different than the regular crooks.

[SWATKats and all related characters are © Christian and Yvon Tremblay and Hanna-Barbara.  "Rai" is © to me.  Todfeld and Lyman are © Bill Hiers aka Kooshmeister.]

1. "Great job, Dad!"
2. "They are so cute!"
3. "D-destroy them?"
4. "Yes.  R-right away, Dad..."
5. "SWAT Kats...please forgive me."
6. "Pleased to meet you, SWAT Kats!"
7. "Nothing personal. It's just business."
8. "Destroy the SWATKats!"
9. "Aww, that's too bad.  Oh well, let's go and turn our gold into money."  
10. "Stay back!  I don't wanna hurt you!"
The SWAT Kats think it's another routine when they pursue Hard Drive only to find out he has help...

Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]
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