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Author's Note: My fan-character, "Rai", speaks 'Nekonese'.  If you wanna translation of what she said in the story below,  use Ctrl+F and type in the number you see next to the phrase and it'll take you to the translations at the bottom of the page and back again to where you left of.  Just make sure to put a period after the number you typed in.  If you don't see a number near the phrase, that means it'll be translated in English somewhere along the way.  Enjoy!
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SWATKats: The Radical Squadron
Double Voltage

Chapter One

A massive, black storm cloud covered over MegaKat City flickering with lightning and rumbling with thunder.  Each strike lit up the entire sky for a few seconds temporarily blinding any kat that looked up at the MegaKat City Tower.  It was sort of hard to believe the building was still standing after many months now when it was taken down twice in the past, once by Dr. Viper and the last by alien Ci-Kat-As.

After the umpteenth lightning flash, a small figure appeared on top of the lightning rod, so high up that no one noticed and no Enforcer chopper would dare be flying out in massive storm like tonight.  A five-foot, three inch she-kat stood with perfect balance on top of the pole that gave her the grand scenic view of the metropolis.

"Hmm.  1.Koreha Megakat shi desunode," The female kat's blue eyes stared around at the smaller buildings below.  Her hair and long jacket swayed in the storm's wind but she stayed still and steady.  She squatted down and pulled a PDA-like device, "Now where are you?"

She pushed the middle button below the screen and the device beeped slowly.  She stood up and spun in a small circle, keeping her stance on the lightning rod, as she moved around scanning the area.  She stopped moving when the device beeped rapidly when she stood facing northwest, "Destination found.  MegaKat Maximum Security Prison.  Recording route."

"Yosh," She watched the screen highlight the shortest route to the prison on the digital map, "Won't be long, otou-san."

She was shrouded in a flashing electrical field, then turned into a crackle of electrical energy that traveled down the lightning rod and through the building, causing the lights inside to flicker quickly.  The energy surge traveled the underground wire system heading toward the direction of MegaKat Desert.


Inmate #7087, better known by his name Barry Peltmeyer, sat on his bunk in his cell.  He couldn't stand it anymore; three meals of crappy food, hard cots to sleep on, only one hour of activity outside of his cell.  Unfortunately, his hour out was shortened to twenty minutes after an inmate picked a fight with him.  Barry growled clenching his fists tightly, "Stupid fools...if only I had my Surge Coat, then let them see who's weak!"

He heard something clattering against the bars and saw an Enforcer snickering at him holding a baton.  "What's the matter?  Can't fight without your static suit, Hard Drive?  Oh, that's right.  You don't go by that anymore.  It's just geeky Barry Peltmeyer now."

The guard laughed loudly as he walked down the corridor continuing his headcount.  Barry was fuming, but the guard was right.  Without his Surge Coat, that was locked up in Enforcers HQ's evidence locker, he was a puny weakling.

"It's those blasted SWATKats fault!  I should've fried those two when I had the chance!  When I get out this cell, I'm-" A loud explosion that rocked the whole building and threw him to the floor.

Enforcers ran by his cell yelling orders frantically.  He could hardly hear among the rackets of both the cops and the rioting prisoners but he heard one guard telling other Enforcers to arm themselves and to get outside immediately.  He crawled over to the thin rectangular window and peered through the glass.

One of the turrets on top of the guard tower by the entrance was spinning around out of control firing lasers erratically.  One shot hit a cell block wall, blasting a hole in it and prisoners, rowdy and riled up from the chaos, were bolting out in the yard.

Barry watched as one squad tried to get the prisoners under control while another group of Enforcers tried to run to the armed tower.  They were met with laser blasts that singed the ground in front of them, narrowly missing them.

"What the heck?" Barry got to his feet watching the action in shock, "Either the guards in the tower are drunk. . .or someone's hacked the controls somehow."

2.Kaankaankaankaankaaaaaan!  That is correct, sir!</i> Barry thought he heard a voice in the cell with him but saw no one.  The laser turret has been hacked!  Let's see what you won!  

He kept his ears perked following the voice which sounded like it was in the lower-part of the wall.  He knelt down and was face-to-face to the electric socket that was slightly fizzing with electricity, "What?"

You have won a rare, one-of-a-kind Surge Coat, complete with one-hundred percent charged-up battery cells, a computer plug able to download juicy info of all kinds, and the ability to turn yourself into electrical energy and make yourself into the most electrifying kat around in MegaKat City!"

Like a shirt being thrown out of a walk-in closet, his Surge Coat flew out of the tiny outlet and into his lap.  Holding his cherished coat in front of him, he gathered what was going on: a jailbreak, and it would be him breaking out.  But who would be helping him escape?  It couldn't be Dark Kat.  Thanks to the Creeplings, he escaped twenty-four hours after they were arrested from their last caper.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" The voice asked, "That turret's not gonna be actin' like that for long."

"Just who-or exactly what- are you?" Barry asked, a bit cautious.

The voice giggled, "You'll figure out as soon as you get outta here.  You wanna find out who I am?  Meet me in the abandoned arcade in the old part of MegaKat City.  See you there."

The fizzle faded from around the outlet and the voice along with it.  Just holding the sparking coat in his hands once again, he felt powerful already.  He grinned evilly as he slid on the Surge Coat, feeling electric power surging through his body, making his eyes glow yellow and his hair forming up into his signature yellow mohawk.

"Good-bye Barry Peltmeyer, and welcome back Hard Drive!" He cackled loudly as he powered up, electricity wildly flickering everywhere in his cell.

"What the-?!" One guard from below noticed a bright, flickering glow coming from the Barry's cell.  It slowly died down as rushed up to stairs held onto his holstered rifle leaning against the wall next to the cell. "Peltmeyer, what's going on in there?!" he shouted.

No answer.  "Peltmeyer?" The guard peeked around the corner in the cell and saw no one inside but the electrical socket was flickering with electricity every now and then.  He gasped and ran up the hall to the alarm button, slamming his fist into it.  As the alarm blared loudly, he screamed into his radio, "We've gotta a jailbreak in Cellblock 7!  Repeat, jailbreak in Cellblock 7!"

By the time he had blurted out that announcement, Hard Drive had already reached MegaKat City limits surging through the underground power lines in the sewers. "Whose this clown copying my style?" he murmured, "Probably a copykat pest who thinks they're better than me. "

Hard Drive, literally, bolted out of the socket forming back to his fierce-looking self.  He looked around in the dim storage attic of Vincent's Pizzeria and Arcade.  Electricity buzzed off his coat, illuminating the room enough for him to take a look around without tripping over anything.  He searched around, ankle-deep dust shuffling under his boots, seeing nothing but old, broken down arcade and candy machines, a rusty portable pizza oven, and boxes stacked high in the corners.

His suit crackled with electricity, ready to strike in case the intruder should ambush him.  "Where are you?" he growled in annoyance when he circled the quiet room twice and ended up standing in front of a cushioned bowl chair with a small flickering TV on a crate beside it, "You better not be toying with me!  Come out!"

"3.Hai, hai.  I'm coming.  No need to yell," the voice responded calmly.  Bright blue electrical energy emerged from behind the bowl chair and a crackling figure started to form on the cushion.  Hard Drive stood back keeping his guard up although he had to admit it was weird seeing someone other than himself forming into an electric cloud.

The brightness and static died down the figure, revealing herself.  The copykat was young, probably in her teens, yellow furred with green spiky hair that was outlined with black and stopped just above her collarbone, blue eyes, and wearing a coat just like Hard Drive's Surge Coat sans the tubing and the plug.

She waved shyly smiling innocently, "4.Konbonwa, tou-chan!  5.Hajimemashite!  6.Watashi no namae ha Rai desu."

Hard Drive blinked.  He wasn't listening when she spoke.  He was more duped and confused of the teenaged female kat sitting in front of him.  "Nani?" the girl tilted her head to the right and gave him the same look.  "Oh!  That's right!" She face-palmed, "You weren't in Nekon that long.  Lemme say that again."

"You're a...kid," Hard Drive muttered out, "Is this some kinda joke?!  Who the heck are you and how'd you get another Surge Coat?!" His anger matched with the same amount of voltage that bounced around him.  Bolts of electricity flicked around the chair and even whisked by her cheek but she didn't flinch.

She responded calmly, "It's not a joke, tou-chan.  Calm down.  My name is 'Rai' and I'm from Nekon."

"Nekon?" Hard Drive settled down a little, static still flickered around his coat.

His memory was coming to him.  Before his life of crime, he was given the opportunity to study overseas in Nekon during his college years and he remembered pretty she-kat from one of his computer he dated and they were both drunk on sake the night before he were supposed to head back to MegaKat City.

"So what are you doing here?" He asked, "And what in the world do you want with me?"

Rai giggled. "To join you of course, tou-chan!  You and I are the same.  You love to hack, I love to hack.  It's like destiny led me to you," She sounded very cheerful which irritated him, "You used to hack into ATMs, right?  I use to do the same but then it got boring."

Hard Drive waved a hand nonchalantly, obviously not amused, "Yeah, yeah kid.  That's real cute.  Call me back when you learn to do something big.  Like say, get into the MegaKat City Mint."  

He powered up, electricity covering his body again, as he got ready to exit out of another plug outlet across the room, then he heard the ske-kat sigh.

"Now see, in a perfect world, it would be easy to get into the mint if say the security system had downgraded software and if the guards were as dumb as rocks," She pulled a backpack from behind her and placed it in her lap, opening and rummaging through it, "But sadly this is the real world and we can't take all of the gold so that's why we take...samples."

Right before his eyes, she pulled out two gold bars in each hand.  Hard Drive's mouth dropped.  Trying to hack into the MegaKat City Mint was how he got arrested the first time after he found it too easy to hack into ATMs.  Now here was a kid holding up gold bars that would normally be stacked in piles in the mint's air-tight, time-locked impenetrable vaults.

"Go ahead, tou-chan," She held both bars out to him smiling, "A present from me to you."

Hard Drive slowly stepped forward and took the gold bricks his grasp.  He was ecstatic but held his excitement inside as he held smooth, shiny, perfect golden bars imprinted with the MegaKat City name and insignia that cost over one-hundred thousand dollars.

He shuddered under his breath, "How'd you get ahold of this?  Not just anyone can sneak into the mint."

"Simple. I just caused a little power surge to the security camera system to cause it to crash," She explained having a satisfied smile on her face as she rubbed her chin,  "Then I came out through the lights in the vault.  I had to work fast to grab as many bars as I could because the camera system would only be out for a short amount of time before it set itself straight."

She turned her backpack over and more gold bricks, probably about ten or twelve, clattered loudly on the floor, "We could go back and get more, but I think by the time they find out these are missing they're gonna be ready for us."

Hard Drive's astonishment slowly turned into wicked delight. "This twerp might be useful to me after all.  Feral and his Enforcers and those meddling SWATKats might be able to handle me, but with there being two of us we'd be unstoppable," he chuckled evilly.

He crossed his arms, turning his attention to her.  Although he was thrilled, he didn't show it, "Good work.  Rai, right?  I...might let you tag along with me for a little while, but stealing a few gold bricks don't mean anything.  You're gonna have to prove to me that you're useful."

Rai nodded frantically, "Anything you say, tou-chan!  You're the boss!"

Hard Drive counted to see exactly how many gold bars she had stolen, but held onto a few for himself, "And I know a few buyers who are just dying to get their hands on this gold.  Get these bricks off the floor."

Like an obedient child, Rai slid off the chair and put each brick back in her backpack.  He was hypnotized staring at the gold bars, then something crossed his mind, "By the way,  what does 'tou-chan' mean?" He felt his ego growing thinking it meant a superior rank name for a leader.

Rai flopped back in the dusty bowl chair. "It means 'dad', silly." she smiled.

"Oh, well now that I understand that, I-Dad?!?!" Hard Drive froze and the gold bricks he was holding slid out of his grasp and clattered on the floor.  Unfortunately, one landed on his toes and it sent him hopping around in pain within seconds.

"But how?  I-I mean, I don't-" Hard Drive observed her.  She had his eyes, ears, heck she looked like a younger, female version of him with the coat on. "How could I possibly be your father?!"

She grinned.  She lifted up her hand, palms up, and electricity coiled around her hands and down her arm.

"That doesn't prove anything!" He yelled, "Just because you somehow have another Surge Coat doesn't mean that I'm-"

"It's not a Surge Coat," Rai slid out the chair again and relaxed her arms, letting her coat slide to the floor. She wore a black shirt with white trim and blue cargo pants with a chain dangling from both sides of it.  She lifted up both arms and her hands, her arms, her whole body was engulfed with high voltage of electric power and it was affecting her one bit.

"I was told I was born like this," said Rai as she slowly approached him and Hard Drive took a couple of steps back. "No one could explain it.  Some didn't want to.  I couldn't figure it out myself until I saw you on the Nekon International News and it explained everything."  

Hard Drive gulped, "They said that sake was strong.  But I only took a sip!  Maybe that chick...maybe she slipped something in my drink." He pinched and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Rai expected that.  "Tou-chan, daijōbu desu ka?"

"In English." Hard Drive muttered.

"Are you okay?  You're not mad, are you?" She stared worriedly.

Hard Drive turned away silent for a moment.  Normally for a villain, they would brush all this off and not think anything about it.  Hard Drive's mind was going at four hundred miles per hour.  He turned around still trying to think of what to say,  "Look kid, I don't know or-"

Rai had disappeared from in front of him.  He didn't have to look around hard though.  She was crouched in the corner in front of a small, twelve inch TV trying to adjust it.  

The screen was still snowy but they could just hear the newscaster loud and clear, "This is Ann Gora with a Kats Eye News breaking story. Someone has sneaked into the tightly secured MegaKat City Mint and disappeared along with twelve gold bars.  Guards are baffled as well as frustrated as it seems the security cameras were unable to catch the thief in the act.  Enforcers are investigating into this as we speak."

Rai arched an eyebrow, "Waa, these Enforcers are fast.  It woulda taken the Nekoantai a day to figure out what was going on."

Hard Drive didn't respond but kept listening to the news report.  He flinched when Rai abruptly popped up in front of him with her backpack in his face. "Tou-chan, you don't mind if we got some more gold right?"  She gave an innocent look that both worried and annoyed him, "Because I know some 'Nekats' back in home who'd like some, too."

"Really?" Hard Drive frowned, "And how do you expect to send gold bricks there?"

He turned around when she didn't respond immediately and saw her sitting on floor with a small laptop in her lap typing along the keyboard. "By my Hacker's Paradise software,"  She swiveled the screen around to show him.

Hard Drive gawked at the long list of user names, the expensive items or secretive info they requested for, and the five, six digit pay they were willing to purchase for and there were quite a few names willing to pay high price for more gold bricks.  He felt positive again.  This kid with her talent might turn into a powerful thing for him and most awesome part was she was his kid.  "You have been doing this awhile." They both stared at each other out the corner of their eyes.

Rai smiled, a childish smile not an evil grin that most villains make. "Gotta make money somehow," then she made a pouted, "And there's no way I'm getting myself in no pink diner's outfit either!"

Hard Drive chuckled, "Alright then.  We'll pay another visit to the mint, but first I'll have to come up with a plan.  It's the Enforcers and the SWATKats I'm worried about."

"Eh? SWATKats?" Rai canted her head, " Who are they?"

"They're pain in everyone's tail, especially mine!" answered Hard Drive, "You can look after yourself, right?  I'm not gonna be there to save your tail if you get yourself caught."

"Ha, I haven't been caught yet and I never will as long as I have this," Rai reached into a deep pocket in her cargo pants and pulled out a green, wireless video game controller showing it to him.

Hard Drive didn't think much of it. "What the heck is it?" He asked.

Rai smirked, "The thing that made the turret go crazy."

[SWATKats and all related characters are © Christian and Yvon Tremblay and Hanna-Barbara.  "Rai" is © to me.]

1. "So this is MegaKat City."
2. Onomatopoeia for a high-pitched bell
3. "Yeah, yeah."
4. "Good evening."
5. "I'm glad to meet you!"
6. "My name is Rai."
"Tou-san/Tou-chan" - Tou-san is a more respectful way of saying "Dad"; Tou-chan is more along the line of "Daddy".
Supercharged hacker, Hard Drive, meets Rai, a daughter he never knew he had, and the two go on a hacking spree stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from big businesses around MegaKat City. Can the SWATKats stop these two electrified duo?

Chapter 2 - [link]
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